Thank you for your registration to obtain 45 ADA CERP hours for the Aligner Intensive Fellowship Course. Please pay attention to the following details sent to your email.

You can download a copy of your signed Non-Disclosure Agreement Here
A copy of the non-disclosure agreement will also be emailed to you.

Next Steps

1. Your CE will be obtained on a third party site called CopestheticCE. This site will house the CE quizzes, and your CE hours/certificate for your accrued 45 ADA CERP hours. More information regarding this process will be sent to you in your confirmation email which you should receive immediately.

2. You will be added into a new Facebook Study Group entitled “The Aligner Intensive Fellowship Alumni CE”. The official start of the new course will be September 7th, 2020. To abide by ADA CERP guidelines, it is necessary that your retake the course within the calendar year of your CE; hence the reason for the new group for many of our alumni. Within this group, all videos from the previous course will be made live again, including any newly added content. These videos will expire . You must finish your quiz questions by December 31, 2020 on the CopestheticCE site to obtain your CE. Quiz questions may be taken at any time within this period, and may be taken consecutively (all at once) if desired from beginning to end. An 80% is passing. If the quiz for a particular unit is not passed, you will have the opportunity to answer it correctly immediately before moving forward.

Please allow at least 24 hour to be added to the Facebook group. If you are not added by then, please contact [email protected]