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What is the Aligner Intensive Fellowship?

Drs. Moshiri and Nicozisis take their years of experience and concentrate it down into a 4 month online intensive course.  As firsts among equal, Drs. Moshiri and Nicozisis consider their obligation to help their fellow specialists become adept at doing orthodontics with aligners.  As aligner market demand increases and penetration expands, this course will get you up to speed and refine your skills, knowledge and confidence.  Effective and efficient, The Aligner Intensive Fellowship allows you to do this at your convenience without traveling!

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Next course Starts Forum 13 May 3, 2021. Space is limited, so sign up now to reserve your seat.

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This intensive Four Month Course will teach you to master the nuances of clear aligners.

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Over 500 Lectures given internationally and a combined 25 years of clear aligner experience.

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What Fellow Orthodontists Have To Say


I can't say enough great things about this intensive fellowship.  Both Jonathan and Maz are the 'purveyors of plastic'.  They break down all bio-mechanical movements with peak velocities and common sense staging to be clear, easy and repeatable.  If you want to keep up with the digital age of orthodontics, this fellowship course is a must.


If you don’t feel 100% confident using plastic aligners to straighten teeth, you will find no better resource for learning to do so than the Aligners Intensive Fellowship taught my Maz Moshiri and Jonathan Nicozisis. If you approach the course content like a college level course (about two hours a week), at the end of four months you’ll look at every case before you with new eyes, diagnose and treatment plan differently, and be able to produce results equal to or in some cases BETTER than those you’re getting with brackets and wires. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to feel more comfortable using aligners.


What Jonathan and Maz bring to the table is as uniquely and immediately useful as it is convenient. The resources supplied along with the subsequent discussions on each subject were beyond my expectations. The Aligner Fellowship course has elevated everything from my confidence level, to my clincheck prowess, to my results. I simply could not recommend their course highly enough.