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3hr 18m

This section contains all the resources to help catch you up with all of Align’s innovations to present date. It’s important to understand the reasoning/purpose/design of Invisalign’s optimized attachments, not only for the practical purpose of understanding them (biomechanical push surfaces, velocities of movement per aligner, movement’s particular attachments are indicated for, etc…) but to also mimic their intent should conditions and thresholds not be met in the software. This will allow you, the doctor, to have full control of your outcomes.

Course Introduction
Prework – Video 1
Watch this first! This is our welcome video to lay the groundwork for getting started.

Align Corporate
Prework – Video 2
This video will give you a better understanding of Align the company.

Invisalign Manufacturing
Prework – Video 3
A peek behind the curtain of the manufacturing process at Align…makes you appreciate the automation process.

Prework – Video 4
Introduction to Smartforce customized attachments and staging allowing for more predictable tooth movement.

G4 Innovations
Prework -Video 5
G4 next generational advancement video regarding innovations for root movement & lateral incisor control.

Open Bites
Prework – Video 6
Open bite innovations from Align that address multi-tooth open bite.

G5 Innovations
Prework – Video 7
G5 generation improvement regarding deep bite solutions from Align.

Science of G6
Prework – Video 8
G6 generation improvement regarding extraction treatment with Invisalign.

G7 Improvements
Prework – Video 9
G7 generation improvement regarding weekly aligner changes.

Invisalign First
Prework – Video 10
A short overview of Invisalign First.


3hrs 8m

Important in-office systems and workflow to assist with scaling a clear aligner practice with skill.

Initial Submission and Systems Intro
In-Office Systems Video 1
A review of in-office systems to get you up to speed on seamless integration of aligners within your practice.

Bonding Attachments
In-Office Systems – Video 2
Easy to follow process for making attachment bonding a breeze. And an idea from Scott Frey using a black light flash light to trimming of the flash to better help identify and remove the flash.

Digital Workflow Don Spillers Part I
In-Office Systems – Video 3
Here is an exemplary example of how an individual can scale digitally with the right systems and processes, without sacrificing quality of patient care or your own personal time.

Digital Workflow Part II
Don Spillers In-Office Systems – Video 4
This is the latest update offering additional support for digital workflow improvement. Look for supporting documents in the dropbox folders to go along with this video.

Bonding Broken Attachments
In-Office Systems – Video 5
Align Attachments Supplemental Video

Patient Oral Hygiene
In-Office Systems – Video 6
Align Patient Care Supplemental Video

Maz Attachment Filling Template Live
In-Office Systems – Video 7
Dr. Maz with his in-office team demonstrating filling attachments prior to patient visits.

Maz IPR Techniques
In-Office Systems – Video 8
Maz shows off his preferred method of doing IPR.

Nico IPR Techniques
In-Office Systems – Video 9
Jonathan now presents his method which can be used in cases with moderate crowding without creating ledges or trauma to the soft tissues in both anterior and posterior areas.

Pontic Pandemonium
In-Office Systems – Video 10
Nico reviews pontics and his approach to them


3hrs 52m

An Intensive couple of weeks involving biomechanic principles of moving teeth with plastic. While we all know biomechanic principles, teeth move differently when pushed, versus being pulled with fixed. A thorough understanding of these principles is paramount to achieving the same results as we are accustomed to with fixed appliances.

Biomechanic Principles
Aligner Biomechanics – Video 1
This step-by-step approach breaking down each movement for each tooth is dense with content and may require a few times to review for it to gel. These will become more clear once we start to apply these to case types and actual treatment in the coming chapters of this course.

Anterior Space Closure
Aligner Biomechanics – Video 2
The seemingly simple movement of anterior space closure is a seductive siren unlike any other….learn from my bitter experiences…

Aligner Biomechanics – Video 3
Extrusion is no illusion with aligners when designed properly so it can be as predictable as the rising sun each day. Also please reference the related publication on extrusion via the link in the summary document. Enjoy!

Maz Review 1
Aligner Biomechanics – Video 4
Maz’s first contribution to this section regarding biomechanics with clear aligners.

Rotation Laterals
Aligner Biomechanics – Video 5
Let’s continue the fun and learn to no longer loathe laterals with aligners!

Rotation Cuspids
Aligner Biomechanics – Video 6
Can your cuspids cooperate???

Arch Development
Aligner Biomechanics – Video 7
Proper arch development mechanics is something that I overlooked for far to long. Studying your previously treated cases is a must for developing a confident acumen accounting for movements we take for granted in our fixed appliance prescriptions.

Outside of the Box Arch Development and Bolton Considerations
Aligner Biomechanics – Video 8
Outside of the box “Phase 1” considerations with aligners and Bolton discrepancies from Maz.

Molar Mechanics
Aligner Biomechanics – Video 9
Menacing Molar Movements Made Manageable…

Maz Review 2
Aligner Biomechanics – Video 10
Part 2 of Maz’s contribution to biomechanics.


2hrs 30m

This week we focus on digital treatment planning and will delve into ClinChecks and Aligner setup. Your practice technician may usually do this, but it is important you know the mechanics of the process. You will be better equipped to demand results and understand the limitations. As the saying goes, there’s no better person to depend on than yourself.

Dr. Bart on Efficient Design
ClinCheck Setup – Video 1
First guest presenter Dr. Bart Iwasiuk, will provide his insight and expertise on systematically reviewing and designing your ClinCheck treatment plan. Updated Sept 2020

CC Pro Review Deep Bite Adult Maz
ClinCheck Setup – Video 2
Contemporary deep bite example is demonstrated along with staging considerations for proper space closure.  Updated September 2020

CC Pro Review Class II Teenager
ClinCheck Setup – Video 3
Making adjustments with ClinCheck pro for more predictable outcomes for Class II Teens.

CC Pro Review Class II Adult Crowding Part 1
ClinCheck Setup – Video 4
Treatment planning samples, demonstrating the thought process of how to bend plastic for Class II adult cases.

CC Pro Review Adult Open Bite
ClinCheck Setup – Video 5
Treatment planning sample of Adult Open Bite.

CC Pro Review Adult TMD
ClinCheck Setup – Video 6
Setting up ClinCheck for Temporomandibular disorders (TMD).

CC Pro Settings Review with Maz 
ClinCheck Setup – Video 7
Maz addresses questions and reviews ClinCheck Pro settings.

Align ClinCheck Pro Tutorial Videos
ClinCheck® Pro Tutorial: A-P and Midline Adjustments

ClinCheck® Pro Tutorial: IPR and Spacing

ClinCheck® Pro Tutorial: Occlusal Contacts

ClinCheck® Pro Tutorial: Mesio-Distal Tooth Adjustment

ClinCheck® Pro Tutorial: Tooth Adjustment

ClinCheck® Pro Tutorial: Attachments and Precision Cuts


3hrs 45m

A review of some important diagnostic information regarding how to use a Bolton Discrepancy in proper treatment planning. We also review some pre-comprehensive consideration for both children (Phase 1 treatment in children) and adults (Phase 1 expansion to mask skeletal issues), allowing a more broad treatment of malocclusions with aligners.

Dr. Kotteman Invisalign First
Phase 1 Treatment Planning -Video 1
First video of Phase 1 week presented by Dr. Bill Kotteman.

Aligners for the Little Ones Dr. Bart
Phase I Treatment Planning -Video 2
Showing indications and benefits of Invisalign First for interceptive orthodontics

3 Keys to Managing Phase 1 Dr. Regina Blevins
Phase I Treatment Planning -Video 3
Dr Regina Blevins focuses in on managing common challenges specific to early treatments. Updated Sept 2020

Nico Phase 1 Is Fun With Aligners!
Phase I Treatment Planning – Video 4
Understanding the advantage aligners have over fixed appliances for early treatment are discussed as well as some Clincheck design tips are reviewed.  Business considerations are briefly touch upon as a preview to business week on what an aligner focused practice looks like.

Dr. Donna Galante Mixed Dentition 
Phase I  Treatment Planning – Video 5

Dr. Galante Erupting Dentition
Phase I Treatment Planning -Video 6
Dr. Donna Galante showcases best practices for treating this age group with transitioning dentition and aligners.

Nico Phase I Mechanics
Phase I Treatment Planning – Video 7
Nico suggests you consider using aligners rather than fixed appliances for Phase 1.


Deep bite weeks… one of the more historically challenging occlusions to treat with aligners, due to the material’s inherent properties. We show in this week how to overcome this obstacle, and how to set your cases up properly.

2hrs 6m

Overbite Correction Nico Part 1
Deep Bite – Video 1
First of two installments by Nico on deep overbite correction.

Overbite Correction Nico Part 2
Deep Bite – Video 2
Second of two installments by Nico on deep overbite correction.

Over Correction Method Maz Part 1
Deep Bite – Video 3
Dr. Maz in the first of two videos on making a case for over correction of Deep Bite with aligners.

Over Correction Method Maz Part 2
Deep Bite – Video 4
Dr. Maz second video on making a case for over correction of Deep Bite with aligners.

Case Example Submission Nico
Deep Bite – Video 5
Nico Demonstrating Clincheck set-up of a deep bite malocclusion.

Contemporary Case Work Up Example Maz
Deep Bite – Video 6

Deep Overbite and Digital Workflow Nico
Deep Bite – Video 7


Discussing probably the biggest advantage of aligners…. Controlling the vertical dimension. Aligners are extremely adept at closing open bites, in these weeks we will show you how.

2hrs 10m

Nico Anterior Open Bite Closure
Open Bite – Video 1
Open your mind to Closing Open Bites. Includes Nico’s 2018 AAO presentation on this topic.

Nico Anterior Case Review
Open Bite – Video 2
Case Review of a Clincheck modification for Anterior Open Bite highlighting the subtle nuances that are key to success.

Dr. Dayan Closing Anterior Open Bites
Open Bite – Video 3
Open Bite Mechanics pioneer, Dr. Willy Dayan discusses closing Anterior Open Bites with aligners.

Maz Open Bite Correction
Open Bite – Video 4
Maz discusses his take on closing anterior open bites. Updated September 2020.

Maz Case Example
Open Bite – Video 5
A Case Example of an Open Bite case treated using the concepts introduced this week.


Class II Correction with aligners can be very efficient and predictable. However, the clinician must take several variables into consideration to allow for this treatment plan with aligners to be consistent, scale-able, and repeatable. We also review the new mandibular advancement feature from align during this week.

6hrs 37m

The 3 Pillars of Class II Correction Dr. Maz
Class II – Video 1

Nico Correction Alternatives
Class II – Video 2
Nico introduces a new spin on this topic which may make the difference.

Nico Case Example
Class II – Video 3
A case example using the technique in Nico Corrections Alternatives.

Dr. Glaser Elastics and Plastics in Teens
Class II – Video 4
Dr. Barry Glaser reviews using elastics and plastics with teens.

Dr. Drew Ferris Comprehensive Class II
Class II – Video 5 
A thorough review of various methods of class II correction with Invisalign, ranging from adolescent to adult correction, will be reviewed.

Dr. Galante Mandibular Advancement Feature
Class II – Video 6
Dr Donna Galante shares her experience with Mandibular Advancement.

Dr. McFarlane Mandibular Advancement Feature
Class II – Video 7
Dr. Bruce McFarlane shares his experience with Mandibular Advancement.

Dr. Glaser Mandibular Advancement Feature
Class II – Video 8
Dr. Barry Glaser shares his experience with Mandibular Advancement.

Dr. Bart Making Class II ClinChecks First Class
Class II – Video 9

Nico Class II Teen Case Report 
Class II – Video 10

Carriere Motion Elegance Dr. Fournier
Class II – Video 11

A brand new way to simultaneously use clear carriere motion II with aligners.
Incorporate 2 systems highly aesthetic and speed up your correction with Dr. Christian Fournier.


While some of the anteroposterior principles of Class II Correction may apply here, correction of this malocclusion may be less predictable under the assumption that teeth in the mandible move the same as the teeth in the maxilla; hence, we review how to account for these limitations in this week’s review. Additionally, we will discuss the use of TADS with Invisalign.

2hrs 15m

Nico Class III Mechanics
Class III + TADs – Video 1
Nico introduces this important topic for Class III week.

Dr. Fournier TADS
Class III + TADs – Video 2
Another pioneer of the industry Dr. Christian Fournier presents his case.

Maz Class III Treatment Recommendations
Class III + TADs – Video 3
Maz on treatment recommendations. This video consolidates Class III topics and presents a comprehensive approach to treatment. Updated September 2020


As we continue to ramp up the difficulty of occlusions treated with plastic, we look forward to reviewing principles involved in treating patients with Orthognathic Surgery and Clear Aligners during this week’s review.

2hrs 41m

Dr. Kotteman Aligners & Surgery
Orthognathic Surgery – Video 1
Clear aligner expert Dr. William Kotteman, discusses orthognathic surgery with aligners.

Dr. Maz Aligners and Surgery
Orthognathic Surgery – Video 2
Maz on orthognathic surgery and treatment with clear aligners.

Nico Aligners and Surgery
Orthognathic Surgery – Video 3
Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis discusses the need for aligner treatment for orthognathic cases.

Dr. Reza Aligners and Surgery
Orthognathic Surgery – Video 4
Dr. Reza OS a surgeon, reviews orthognathic surgery with aligners.

Dr. Maz Case Example
Orthognathic Surgery – Video 5
Maz on a case example demonstrating bi-maxillary advancement with a 3 piece maxilla using aligners.

Orthognathic Surgery – Video 6
How, why, and when do we use Propel and its technologies from Dr. Maz

Propel Research Review
Orthognathic Surgery – Video 7
Nico explains why Propel and Plastic It’s Fantastic!


During this week, we focus on treatment of more complex cases involving the resolution of extraction, impactions, and preprosthetic cases with Invisalign.

5hrs 46m

Dr. Fournier Impactions
Complex Cases – Video 1
The first video of a series of two by Dr. Christian Fournier. Dr. Fournier discusses impactions with aligners.

Dr. Fournier Extractions
Complex Cases – Video 2
The second video by Dr. Christian Fournier discusses extractions with aligners.

Dr. Maz Extractions
Complex Cases – Video 3
Maz discusses Extractions.

Nico Extractions
Complex Cases – Video 4
In this video, Nico presents his own evolving approach to extraction therapy with aligners.

Nico Impacted Cuspids
Complex Cases – Video 5
Nico shares his experiences with Impacted Cuspids.

Dr. Lanzetta Case Sample
Complex Cases – Video 6
In this video Dr. Mike Lanzetta will present a 4 bi extraction case using just Align’s G6 innovations.

Dr. Manal Ibrahim Multidisciplinary Treatment 
Complex Cases – Video 7

Complex Teen Treatment Dr. Manal Ibrahim
Complex Cases – Video 8

Pre-Restorative Aligners Dr. Drew Ferris
Complex Cases – Video 9
In this video, viewers will learn the advantages of aligners in pre-restorative orthodontic treatment. Multiple different case types are covered in depth as well as how to communicate with the interdisciplinary team.

Decompensating the Decompensation Nico
Complex Cases – Video 10


It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. During this section, the reasons for development of posterior open bites is reviewed, along with resolution of the posterior open bite for proper finishing. An introduction to 3D printing will also be reviewed.

3hr 48m

Dr. Maz Posterior Open Bites
Case Finishing – Video 1
In this video Maz presents the topic of finishing posterior open bite cases with aligners.

Dr. Maz Refinement Submission
Case Finishing – Video 2
Maz advocates eliminating all initial interference and showing a bite jump for arch coordination. He cautions not to extrude posterior teeth unless detailing marginal ridges.

Dr. Maz Finishing Elastics
Case Finishing – Video 3
In this video Maz reviews finishing elastics.

Dr. Maz Case Study
Case Finishing – Video 4
Case study in finishing with aligners.

Don’t Be Unsettled by Unsettled Cases
Case Finishing – Video 5
Nico recommends a “Hakuna Matata” approach to cases that remain unsettled despite your best efforts.

Dr. Eisenstein In-House 3D Printing
Case Finishing – Video 6
Dr. Oleg Eisenstein covers the key aspects on 3D printing of in-house aligners.

Auxillaries to Keep Teeth Tracking Dr. Kotteman
Case Finishing – Video 7
A review of methods to keep teeth tracking in aligners will be reviewed.


Last but not least, we discuss business considerations for introducing aligners into your practice. What we hope to show you is that treating your patients with aligners is not only beneficial clinically to both parties, but also to your bottom line as well.

4hr 21m

Dr. Drew Ferris Efficiency and Profitability
Business Considerations – Video 1

Transforming to a Digital Practice Dr. Tom Hartsock
Business Considerations – Video 2

Dr. Layman Digital Economics
Business Considerations – Video 3
In-house Digital Ecosystem and business considerations of clear aligner therapy from Dr. Bill Layman.

Dr. Lanzetta Profit and Aligners
Business Considerations – Video 4
Dr. Mike Lanzetta on growing and changing his practice with an aligner therapy offering.

The Plastic Employee
Business Considerations – Video 5
Nico on the “So What” question. Why you should incorporate aligner treatment at your practice.

Nico The Plastic Employee 2.0
Business Considerations – Video 6

Nico The Plastic Employee 3.0
Business Considerations – Video 7

Dr. Maz Aligner Efficiencies
Business Considerations – Video 8
Dr. Maz explains the many efficiencies that result from aligners.

Dr. Dovi Prero I-Tero and Teen  Treatment
Business Considerations – Video 9